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Our full-time drop-in centre was officially inaugurated in October of 2001 in the presence of hundreds of friends and supporters from the Muslim community, local community leaders and government officials from the local, provincial and federal levels.
In addition to being the head-quarters for the Islamic Humanitarian Service and its administrative offices, the centre boasts two large halls for religious and cultural functions which can accommodate over 300 men and women. Our IT department has equipped the entire building with a high-speed wired and wireless InterNet connection with a centrally located and networked laser printer. In addition, we offer community members satellite TV from the USA and the Middle East in English, Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish with other languages coming soon!
Youth who want to come and study in an Islamic atmosphere can make use of the library and other areas of the building and tap into resources on the InterNet with one of three computers which they can use for research and other purposes. Our relaxation section provides a ping-pong table and a Sony Playstation 2® with a wide selection of games—permitting our youth to meet, interact and play with one another in a controlled and friendly environment away from the outside temptations.

Al-Haqq Newsletter is the information arm of the Islamic Humanitarian Service. It seeks to enhance the Islamic knowledge of its subscribers through articles written by contemporary scholars and specialists on Islam and to introduce topics of Islamic thought through commissioning the translation of books and articles currently not found in English. The newsletter also keeps its’ readers informed of special events taking place in different communities. Articles cover a wide variety of topics including: Commentary of the Noble Qur’an; Islamic Morals and Ethics; Islamic and World History; Philosophy and Sociology; Prayers and Supplications, Local and International Politics; Children’s activities and Colouring Pages and other topics.
Readership is estimated at over 10,000 in almost 30 countries throughout the globe and subscription is free of charge. All issues are maintained in PDF® on our website for those who wish to read the newsletter on-line.

Some people are limited in their financial resources, however, they are sincerely interested in reading and learning more about Islam. To help overcome this barrier, the Books For the Needy Fund sends out Islamic literature to new Muslims; Muslims who cannot afford to purchase books they need, and non-Muslims wishing to learn more about the faith of Islam. Through the Books for the Needy Fund, the faith of many people continues to be strengthened, while others are introduced to Islam and its true teachings.
Libraries, public institution and government officials are sent articles and relevant books outlining Islam and specific issues of importance to the Muslim community in order to better acquaint them with Islam’s Divine message.
The volunteers of the Islamic Humanitarian Service also make visits to prisons in various regions to open the doors of dialogue with the Chaplains and to offer them guidance and instruction on Islam and the laws of Islam so that they can better serve the Muslim inmates. In addition, visits to the incarcerated Muslims are also carried out in which we try to provide them with companionship, assistance and Islamic guidance. At current, the Islamic Humanitarian Service receives close to 20 letters per week from incarcerated Muslims looking for literature and other forms of assistance.

The Islamic Humanitarian Service keeps in touch with individuals and organizations on three different levels: the first is the Government of Canada, United Nations, Human Rights Organizations, and other relevant groups concerning issues sensitive to Muslim interests. Letters, circulars, and petitions are also sent to Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and other officials outlining the Muslim stance on domestic and international issues.
The second aspect of our correspondence helps to ascertain information on food items from their respective companies to determine whether the product is fit for Muslim consumption or not. As replies come, they are posted in the Al-Haqq Newsletter and our website.
The third section ensures that other Islamic organizations with goals similar to those of the Islamic Humanitarian Service are corresponded with on a regular basis to offer moral support, seek co-operation on various projects and to gain advice from established ones.

In the late 1990s, the United Muslim Women of Canada was formed to address the needs of Muslim women in the community. The mission statement of the U.M.W.C. calls for the upliftment of women through education, literacy, eradication of poverty, and the active preparation for the advent of Imam al-Mahdi. To achieve these goals, the United Muslim Women of Canada communicates with Muslim women throughout Canada and around the world to promote closer co-operation with one another and to speak with a united voice on issues specific to women.
In order to assist in the economic and social betterment of women and other needy individuals of the society, collections of food items, blankets, medications, clothing and other necessities are carried out throughout the year with its distribution taking place in various centres in Canada and select areas around the world.

The Muslim Youth Association, the newest subdivision of the Islamic Humanitarian Service has been arranging programs and gatherings including discussions and educational classes throughout Canada—projects arranged by the youth for the youth.
Various endeavors have been undertaken under the banner of the M.Y.A including their scholarship program to encourage Muslim youth to seek higher education in select fields which lack a Muslim presence and an active website - - which features a free e-mail account, domestic and international news, and an active discussion board - amongst some its features.

Religious scholars and knowledgeable lecturers are sent to public schools, universities, prisons, and other educational institutions and religious and cultural centres to teach the general population about Islam, its’ values, morals, and way of life in order to instil awareness about the faith of Islam into their minds and hearts.
Interviews and discussions are carried out at Inter-Faith gatherings and through local radio, TV and print media in an attempt to answer the questions which people have in regards to Islam and to clear any ambiguities about the faith of Islam which may be in the minds of the people. In addition, articles are prepared and circulated among the news media highlighting Muslim concerns and informing the society of the special religious holidays of the Muslim community.

One of best ways to learn more about the Islamic faith and the various sciences of the religion is through literature. In order to permit Muslims to better understand their faith and to permit non-Muslims to learn about the true teachings of Islam, the Islamic Humanitarian Service has taken a leading role in the writing, translation, and publication of Islamic literature in a wide variety of topics for various age groups, including: The Islamic Moral System: A Commentary of Surah al-Hujurat; Me’raj: The Night Ascension; Istikhara: Seeking the Best from Allah; Discussions Concerning Al-Mahdi; A Mother’s Prayer; The Tasbih of Fatima az-Zahra; A Code of Ethics for Muslim Men and Women; Rules Relating to the Deceased: Philosophy and Ahkam; 40 Ahadith Activity Book for Children; Light of the Family of th Prophet—Coloring Book and many more!
To date, the Islamic Humanitarian Service has translated and published 15 books and has co-published over 25 books in co-operation with other non-Profit charities in the United Kingdom and with independent publishers in Canada, USA, Europe and Africa! These titles are available for sale in Canada, the USA, Europe, Africa and other countries and are also available for free reading and download in PDF® from our website.

A weekend ‘religious training’ school is operated in Kitchener, providing local children and young adults with basic religious education. Volunteer teachers follow a specially designed syllabus geared towards Muslim youth living in the pluralistic society of Canada with an attempt at making the youth honest and upright Muslims and productive members of society - just as the religion of Islam teaches. As the weekend school progresses, various ‘contemporary’ forms of teaching are being implemented - including the use of Audio CDs, DVD movies, and multi-media computer software to aide in the teaching of the students.
The teachers also plan extra activities, engage in sports and other outside games in order to make the students well-rounded human beings and also attend annual workshops to upgrade their skills and abilities.

More than 1,200 books make up the Islamic Research Centre Library. Muslims and non Muslims visit the Centre on a regular basis for school papers or just to obtain a better understanding of Islam. Literature is available in English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Gujarati, German, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu and other languages. A wide range of subject matter assures something of interest for everyone.

Individuals experiencing temporary financial challenges are assisted under the social welfare division of the Islamic Humanitarian Service.
Rent, grocery, or medical subsidies are allocated to those hurt by the current economic realities. A careful and thorough screening process is in place which ensures that each case which is approved is genuine while avoiding unnecessary personal interference.

The Islamic Humanitarian Service, an independent organization not affiliated with any organization or government, is funded primarily by personal contributions of well-wishing Muslims and others throughout Canada, the United States of America, Europe, and other parts of the world. All donations made in Canada or the United States entitle the donor to a tax deductible receipt.
The various Mara'ja Taqlid have encouraged and actively support the work of the Islamic Humanitarian Service and have permitted the utilization of the Sahme Imam B portion of Khums for propagation activities undertaken.
The scholars who have given the Islamic Humanitarian Service written permission include: Ayatullah al Uzma as-Sayyid 'Ali al-Husaini as-Seestani, Ayatullah al Uzma as-Sayyid 'Ali al-Husaini al-Khamene`i, Ayatullah al Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Nasir Makarim al-Shirazi, Ayatullah al Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Muhammad Fadhil al-Lankarani, and Ayatullah al-Uzma al-Hajj ash-Shaykh Lutfullah al-Saafi al-Gulpaygani
Proceeds from the sales of books, CDs, DVDs, Eid Cards and Souvenirs provide the Islamic Humanitarian Service with extra revenue to expand the only full-time and fully-stocked book store in Canada with many more titles and other items such as CDs, DVDs, games, prayer mats, prayer beads, etc…
Those who would like to support our activities are urged to contribute to the Islamic Humanitarian Service in any way possible - with your time or money.
All administrative costs are kept to a minimum with care taken to ensure the best price for all expenditures. Concerned supporters donate much of the stationary, office equipment and other things used on a regular basis around the centre.
Donations are accepted via cash or cheque which can be sent to any of our offices with the fund for which it is intended, OR donations can be processed on-line at via Visa or MasterCard through CanadaHelps - an non-profit organization helping charities maximize their potential.
The Islamic Humanitarian Service collects and disburses the various Huqooq - religious obligations and general funds for a wide variety of projects and activities and is ready to assist in noble ventures in Canada and throughout the world. Choose the project which is closest to your heart and contribute to the cause of Allah.


Please Ensure that you get a receipt from Marja’s Office

In The Name of The Almighty

The Honourable Scholar Sayyid Murtaza Al-Kashmiri, may his achievements continue,

As-Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatoh

I ask Allah The Most High, The Omnipotent to always guide and support you.

In response to inquiries from Momineen, we emphasize once again that paying Islamic dues to whoever holds an authorization (Ijaza) is not sufficient. A demand for a receipt issued by s must be made [to the person receiving the Islamic dues]. Bearing in mind that  discrepancies in adhering to the Ijaza may occur either through forgetfulness, error or similar situations. A clear conscience by the payer (of   Islamic dues) cannot be attained unless a receipt is obtained as above.

I ask Allah The Blessed The most High to grant everyone that which is good and beneficial.

Wassalamu alikum warahmatullah Wabarakatoh

Seal and signature of Ali Al-Hussaini as-Seestani











Three branch offices - located in Vancouver, Edmonton, and London, England, are operated by volunteers who dedicate their time and resources in helping to materialize the goals of the I.H.S. in their region. 


Introduction to Islam

Dennis Wholley meets Imam Hassan Qazwini, leader of the Islamic Centre in Dearborn, Michigan, to discuss the fundamental beliefs of Islam, and remove any misconceptions the general public may have. Many  Non-muslims have the idea that the Islamic clerics and leaders are hostile and unapproachable, however Dennis Wholley shows that the Islamic leaders (Imams) are normal people like you and I, striving for a better future for upcoming generations.

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Drop-In Centre

The Islamic Humanitarian Service drop-in centre is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We offer a fully-stocked Islamic book store, Library and area for offering daily prayers - including the only centre in the KW Region which offers Salaatul Jumu'ah [Friday prayer service]. To book visits or if you require a speaker for your public school or event, please contact us. For off-time visitation to purchase books, browse through our library or other assistance, contact the Staff Secretary:

81 Hollinger Crescent
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada, N2K 2Y8
Tel: 519-576-7111
Fax: 519-576-8378

Pray Times for KW

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