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Al-Husayni Madressah

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) has told us to "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" - and the  Al-Husayni Madressah seeks to implement this teaching by running a weekly Sunday school to empower Muslim children and youth with the knowledge necessary to be good citizens and up-right Muslims.

The Al-Husayni Madressah serves the young girls and boys of the Muslim community of Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding area.

Our program is geared to providing Islamic education according to the Ja'fari School of Thought (Shia Ithna-Asheri) which, in-line with the direct commandment of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) emphasizes the adherence to the Noble Qur'an AND the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet to the girls and boys of the community. Through our curriculum, we endeavour to ensure that our students receive the pure and true teachings of Islam as demonstrated in the Noble Quran and the Prophetic life of Muhammad ibne Abdillah (peace be upon him and his family) and his noble family members to make our youth productive and upright members of the society.

If you are a parent of a student attending AL-Husayni Madressah please sign-up for our Mailing List below:


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1 Special HALALOWEEN program Thurs. Oct 31st 2013 475
2 Some important Madressa updates 2013 502
3 Al Husayni Madressa new year - THIS SUNDAY September 8th, 2013 and some importatnt Information 530
4 Special HALALOWEEN program 875
5 Some important information 949
6 Special program for this Sunday, March 4th 927
7 Year End Family Fun Day at the Al-Husayni Madressa 1393
8 Update from Al-Husayni Madressa Principal - November 6 2010 1461
9 Update from Al-Husayni Madressa Principal - November 7 2010 1324
10 Importance of Islamic education by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda 1770
11 Al-Husayni Madressa: Quran Memorization - Week 2 1293
12 Al-Husayni Madressa: Quran Memorization - Week 1 1615
13 Workbook - Various Islamic Phrases and the Arabic Alphabet 2534
14 Workbook - Taaqibaat and Ziyarat - Full Size 2026
15 Workbook - Taaqibaat and Ziyarat - Booklet Format 1880
16 Workbook - Remember Allah at all times 2055
17 Workbook - Practice Writing the Arabic Alphabet - in full Color 2659
18 Workbook - Practice Writing the Arabic Alphabet - in Black and White 1948
19 Workbook - Arabic Alphabet with Various Shapes 2027
20 Workbook - Arabic Alphabet with Real Photos - in full Color 1797
21 Workbook - Arabic Alphabet with Photos - in full Color 2015
22 Workbook - Arabic Alphabet with Photos - in Black and White 2132
23 Workbook - Ahlul Kisa and the Islamic Months 1953
24 Du`a for Teachers to read before class 1881
25 Du`a for Students to read before class 1880


Introduction to Islam

Dennis Wholley meets Imam Hassan Qazwini, leader of the Islamic Centre in Dearborn, Michigan, to discuss the fundamental beliefs of Islam, and remove any misconceptions the general public may have. Many  Non-muslims have the idea that the Islamic clerics and leaders are hostile and unapproachable, however Dennis Wholley shows that the Islamic leaders (Imams) are normal people like you and I, striving for a better future for upcoming generations.

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Drop-In Centre

The Islamic Humanitarian Service drop-in centre is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We offer a fully-stocked Islamic book store, Library and area for offering daily prayers - including the only centre in the KW Region which offers Salaatul Jumu'ah [Friday prayer service]. To book visits or if you require a speaker for your public school or event, please contact us. For off-time visitation to purchase books, browse through our library or other assistance, contact the Staff Secretary:

81 Hollinger Crescent
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada, N2K 2Y8
Tel: 519-576-7111
Fax: 519-576-8378

Pray Times for KW

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