Programs for June 4th and June 7-8- 2012 Print
Salaamun alaikum

Programs to be held at the IHS Centre (81 Hollinger Cres) for this week are as follows:

1) On Monday, June 4th (Rajab the 13th)  we will be celebrating the Wilaadat of Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib, peace be upon them.  The program will begin at 7:45pm with the recitation of Hadeeth-e-Kisa, followed by Qaseeda, Majlis by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji, and Salatul Maghribain in Jama'at.  Refreshments to follow.

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2) On Thursday, June 7th we will commemorating the Wafaat of the daughters of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima az-Zahra-  namely Lady Zaynab and Lady Umm Kulthum, peace be upon them all.  The majlis is also for the Isaale Thawaab of Marhoom Mohammad Hussein, who was the brother of Br. Musien Mohammad ( brother-in-law of Sr. Jalila)  - who passed away the other day in Mashad, Iran. 

Program will begin at 7:00pm. (PLEASE NOTE TIME) with the recitation of Surah Yaseen, Dua Khatme Quran, Dua Kumayl, Marthiya, Majlis by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda, Matam, Ziyarat-e-Waritha, and dinner.  Food is sponsored by Br. Musien and Sr. Jalila's family for the Marhoom, and we will conclude the program with Salatul Maghribain in Jama,at.

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3) On Friday, June 8th there will be Salatul Jumu'ah to begin at 1:22pm led by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji.