Programs for this week-Aug 2-4 2012 Print
Salaamun alaikum

Programs to be held at the IHS Centre for the week of Aug. 2-4 are as follows:

On Thursday August 2nd – Program to start at 7:00 PM:

1.Surah Yaseen
2.Dua Kumayl
3.Dua al-Iftitaah
4.Lecture by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji to commemorate death of Ummul Momineen Khadijah binte Khuwaylid – the first and most beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family,
6.Salat in Jamaat
7.Iftar - sponsored by anonymous donor.

On Friday, August 3rd there will be Salatul Jumu'ah to begin at 1:30pm led by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda.

On Friday August 3rd – YOUTH EVENT – Program to start at 8:00 PM:
1.Qur’an Recitation
2.Dua al-Iftitaah
3.Salat in Jamaat
4.Iftar sponsored.
5.Discussion facilitated by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji with open Q&A
6.Part 1 Movie on "Islam and Science"

This program is open to only boys and girls aged 15 - 30 years. Please maintain Islamic dress and confirm attendance by emailing us so that food arrangements can be made.
On Saturday August 4th – Program to start at 7:30 PM:

1.      Qur’an Recitation
2.      Lecture by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji – to commemorate the birth of Imam Hasan ibne Ali, peace be upon him.
3.      Salat in Jamaat
4.      Iftar sponsored by the family of Syed Mir Hashim.
5.      Dua al-Iftitaah
6.      Ziyarat