programs for the week of August 15th and 16th 2013 Print
Salam Alaykum
Programs to be held at the IHS Centre at 81 Hollinger Crescent in Kitchener, ON are as follows:
1. ON Thursday August 15th, we will mark the Shab-e-Jumuah program and "Yawmul Ghamm" - the commemorator of the destruction of Jannatul Baqi in Medina. Program will begin at 7:15 PM with Surah Yaseen, Dua Kumayl, Majlis by Shaykh Hasanain Kassamali from Toronto, ON, followed by Salatul Maghribayn in Jamaat and full dinner to follow.
Dinner is sponsored for the Isaale-Thawaab of: Syeda Kaneez Fatima daughter of Syed Aijaaz Hussain and Syed Abraar Hussain Rizvi son of Syed Muhammad Hussain Rizvi.
2. ON Friday August 16th, Salatul Jumuah will begin at 1:30 PM led by Shaykh Hassanain Kassamali.