Eid Salat and Programs for this week-Oct 16-18 2013 Print
Salaamun alaikum

Programs to be held at the IHS Centre (81 Hollinger Cres) for the upcoming week are as follows:

1) Wednesday, October 16th (10th of Dhul Hajj) is the day of Hajj Eid.   The program will begin at 11:00am with the recitation of Dua Nudbah, followed by Salatul Eid led by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda, ending with the Ziyarat of Imam Husayn, peace be upon him, for the day of Eid.

Refreshments to follow.

2) On Thursday, Oct. 17th (night of 12th of Dhul Hajj) we will be commemorating the Shahadat of Hadhrat Muslim ibne Aqeel and shabe jumu'ah.  Program will begin at 7:45pm with the recitation of Surah Yaseen, Dua Kumayl, Majlis by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda, Matam and Ziyarat.

Refreshments to follow.

3) On Friday, Oct. 18th (12th of Dhul Hajj) there will be Salatul Jumu'ah to begin at 1:10pm led by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda.