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Salam Alaykum

The EC of the ISJ of WW offer our condolences to the 12th Imam and the believers around the world on the approaching month of Muharram. Attached is the poster which details the biography of our speaker,Shaykh Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadpour Shahkolai and his topic for this year.

As noted, nightly programs will begin on Monday November 4th at 7:30 PM at the IHS Centre at 81 Hollinger Crescent, Kitchener, ON. Programs will begin with Quran Recitation in Arabic and English, Marthiya, Majlis in English, Matam, Ziyarat-e-Ashura.

Please note: There will be special classes for Children ages 4-6yrs in the kitchen, and ages 7-10 yrs in the library, running simultaneously to the main lecture in the hall,  where the children will learn about the tragedy of Karbala at their own understanding.
Volunteers are required - please step up and offer your services for the cause of Aba Abdillah, peace be upon him by helping in the following regards:

1. Parking
2. Nightly Cleaning
3. Organizing nightly reciters for Quran, Dua, Marthiya, Matam and Ziyarat Ashura.
a. Please note that recitations in ANY language are welcome.
4. Audio / Video setup and maintaining the live video feed nightly.
As the nights progress, we will count on the support of all of our community members.

Anyone wishing to bring tabarruk or food on any of the nights is requested to sign up or contact one of the volunteers.

A special thank you to the many people who came out on Sunday to help out with the preparation of the centre for the Muharram programs.  May Allah reward you all amply.
Muharram fund donation drive - our target for Muharram/Safar fund is $8,000.00 this year - please DONATE GENEROUSLY. More details available at the nightly majaalis.

Salatul Jumu'ah this week, Friday, November 8th will begin at 12:08pm (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE) and will be led by our visiting aalim, Shaykh Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadpour.

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