Programs for March 27th and 28th 2014 Print

Salaamun Alaykum

Programs to be held at the IHS Centre (81 Hollinger Crescent) for this week are as follows:



1) On Thursday, March 27th (Jamadi-ul Awwal the 26th night) we will be commemmating the Ayaam-e-Fatimiyyah (martyrdom of Fatima Zahra, peace be upon her) and the Shabe Jumu'ah program. Program will begin at 7:30 pm (pls note time) with Salatul Maghribayn, followed by the recitation of Surah Yaseen, Dua Kumayl, MAJLIS by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda, followed by Ziyarat and refreshments.


2) On Friday, March 28th (Jamadi-ul Awwal the 26th) there will Salatul Jumu'ah to begin at 1:30pm led by Shaykh Shafiq Hudda. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE for SALATUL JUMUAH.