Program for Muharram Print

Salam Alaykum
As we enter into the month of Muharram, we offer our condolences to the believers, our Maraji' Taqlid and our 12th Imam on the martyrdom of Abi Abdillah al-Husayn, peace be upon him, and his family and friends.
Please note the following for the nightly Majaalis at your community:
1. Programs will begin nightly at 7:45 PM SHARP with recitation of the Quran. Please ensure punctuality. If you would like to participate by reciting Quran, Marthiya, Nawha or Ziyarat Ashura, please see the sign-up sheet on the mens' side.
2-We will be hosting TWO SPECIAL sessions with Shaykh Muhammad Asad:
3- Friday October 31st - SPECIAL YOUTH session for boys and girls aged 14 and above. Shaykh will speak to the youth and answer religious queries and questions.
4- Saturday November 1st - SPECIAL COMMUNITY session for all community members - ladies and gents. Shaykh will address the entire community and spend some time answering our questions and queries.
If you wish to pose any questions "anonymously" you may submit them in writing or email them to our address and we will have Shaykh reply to them.