Programs for This Week including Ashura Day, Shaam-e-Ghareeba, Thursday Majlis and Jumuah Print

Salam Alaykum,

Our nightly programs for Muharram continue and will start at 7:45 PM with recitation of the Holy Quran.


1. Monday November 3rd is the Night of Ashura with program beginning at 7:45 PM.


2. Tuesday November 4th is Ashura day

a. Program will start at 9:30AM with Amaal of Ashura followed by Zuhrayn Salat in Jamaat

b. Marthiyha

c. Ashura day Maqtal/Majlis

d. Program for Ashura day conclude with food


Please note for parking:

1. We can use the IHS parking lot ONLY - we are NOT permitted to use the neighbours parking lot. Please ensure all cars are parked appropriately so that we can maximize the lot.

Parking IS allowed on the main road ONLY on the side of the IHS building. Please ensure that you do not block the entrances to any of the driveways and that you do not block the fire hydrants - bylaw enforcements will ticket/tow cars as per their discretion.

We CAN use the parking lot of the company ACROSS the street from the IHS - but ONLY their rear parking lot - see attachment for parking details.


3. Tuesday November 4th is termed "The Night of Loneliness/Sham-e-Ghareebah" – Program to begin at 5:30 pm with Salatul Maghribayn in Jama'at

a. Dua Tawassul

b. Marthiyha

c. Majlis

4. Our Last Majlis - the "Ziyarat Majlis" with Shaykh Asad will be on Wednesday November 5 and the program will begin at 7:45 PM

a. Recitatiohn of Quran

b. Marthiya

c. Majlis

d. Matam

e. Refreshments


5. Shab-e-Jumuah/Thursday Night Program for Thursday November 6th will begin at 7:30PM

a. Surah Yaseen

b. Dua Kumayl

c. Majlis by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

d. Ziyarat

e. Refreshments


6. Friday November 7th Salatul Jumuah will begin at 12:05 (note new time) led by Mawlana Sayyed Alami