Du'a al-Mujeer - Recommended on the 13th, 14th and 15th of Month of Ramadhan Print

Du`a al-Mujeer (Recommended for 13th,14th & 15th eve of Ramadhan month)

This is a supplication of high eminence which is reported to have been brought by Jibreel for the Noble Prophet, peace be upon him and his family, when he was engrossed in prayers at the Maqam-e-Ibrahim. Shaykh al-Kafa'ami has reported this supplication in his book Baladul Ameen and in al-Misbah. It is mentioned by him that the reward for the one reciting it during the nights of full moon (13th, 14th & 15th) of the Month of Ramadan, is that his sins are forgiven even if they are in such plenty as the drops of rain water, leaves of trees or sand of a desert. It is also very effective for the cure of the sick, fulfillment of debts, acquisition of wealth and relief from sorrows.


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