Special program for this Sunday, March 4th Print
Salaamun alaikum

We would like to take this opportunity to invite ALL of the parents to a special award ceremony presentation this upcoming Sunday.

We will be presenting ribbons of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to those students in each class who worked very hard the past term.  These positions are based on the first term overall midterm marks; the teachers have marked the students based on:  midterm test mark, ayaat of Quran test, weekly ayah memorization, overall behavior and manners, uniform, and attendance (mainly on being late or coming to madressa on time).

All of the students will also receive the new book "Ta'qibaat" as a gift from the madressa. 

We will begin the program at 12pm SHARP with the recitation of the Holy Quran, then short talks by some students on the 11th Imam, (as it is his Wilaadat this weekend), followed by presentation of the ribbons and books.   We will finish by around 12:30pm in order to get ready for Salaat time at its prime time.  Parents are welcome to join us for Salaatul Jama'at as well.

We will also be having "picture day" this Sunday where we will go to every grade and take a class picture of the students and their teachers.  (This optional and anyone NOT wanting to be in the picture, can kindly let us know).  Once printed, every student will receive a copy of the photo!
Please ensure that ALL Students are dressed appropriately.  Boys in long sleeves, and girls with loose clothing covering the hair properly!

Classes for the rest of the day will be on as usual.
1:00-1:50pm - 1st set of classes
1:50-2:05pm- break
2:05-3:00pm - 2nd set of classes

Parents are encouraged when they come to take a look around the building to see amazing job that the students did on their Ayah of the Quran posters.


Madressa Team